Due to the COVID19  national crisis, the main event had to postponed  until a future date in the year. Find out more...

But we will be on Facebook  Live on the 8th May 2020!   


This online event is in no way enticing or encouraging any kind of social gatherings.

You must adhere to the  social distancing restrictions, meaning enjoy your own space.


Winston VE Speech 1.png
Listen to Winston Churchill 

Get ready, decorate your property Red, White & Blue and join LEE VE75 for a VE Day Celebration on May 8th from 12.00 using Facebook Live!  @VEDAY 75 AT HOME

Enjoy your VEDAY 75 at HOME with LEE VE75 and have a chance to WIN £250.00




We are delivering


a virtual event via Facebook Live. Celebrate, decorate red, white and blue. Enjoy & share with your neighbours especially our elders so to ensure they remember this day!

Friday 8th May

A Nations Celebration

12.00   Welcome from LEE VE75

12.05   WW2 Re-enactor living history

12.30   Spitfiring from the ‘hip’

13.00   Amanda Jane

14.00   Roy Coombes

15.00   Piper with the Battle’s O’er and Nation Toast with Winston Churchill

15.10    Amy Baker

16.00   Debbie Cobbett

17.00    Its All in the Swing

18.00    Alan Jackson

19.00    Dawn Grace

19.30    VEDAY Quiz  Hosted by Martian Heighway on YouTube

20.00   Last Post performed by violinist Rachel Bostock

20.05   Karen Barnett  

21.00    The Queen’s Speech to the Nation on the BBC, followed Neil Levy…DJ ‘Peanut’                  through the ages

22.00   The National Anthem performed by Jennifer Parker-Lummis soprano followed              by a closing Thank you and goodnight from LEE VE75

During the day there will be other supportive material being provided by hdvsmedia, Jennifer Parker Lummis delivering poetry, the Covergirlz


We are not saying to get together, please keep your social distancing and enjoy like when clapping for the NHS & Key Workers. 

Not got Facebook? Don't worry click here for 4 easy steps to watch...

Sunday 10th May

Church Celebration 

10.30   Church Service of commemoration &celebration streamed via Facebook Live 

When LEE VE75 is delivered, it will be the largest community celebration in Hampshire, helping us to commemorate the 75th anniversary of both   

VE & VJ Day.  Our ancestors and veterans, will be honoured for sacrificing their freedom; to give us ours.  


It is imperative that we share their stories to create a living legacy, both today and for future generations.


This 1940’s themed event is being organised by a team of willing local volunteers; and all funding raised, will be used by Lee Residents Association, to show up to 2,000 attendees a ‘living history’ of the times, against the coastal backdrop of Lee On The Solent as the outdoor venue. 


If you would like to help us with the event, either through taking up a paid stall; providing entertainment or volunteering on the day; please contact us.  We need you! 


Why not become a sponsor and join us in the VIP area (sponsored by Little Kanga Ltd) where you can socialise, network and promote your business with local dignitaries and other sponsors?


FREE Tickets for the evening event will be available via this website in the coming weeks, so pop back to keep up to date with the event and follow us on Facebook.   Thanks for being part of this historic event.


Find out what is planned for LEE VE75 by clicking on the tiles below.      

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Nation's Celebration

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Parade & Veterans

Mug Artwotk 2_edited.jpg

Living History

Mug Artwotk 2_edited.jpg

Musical Picnic

Mug Artwotk 2_edited.jpg

Themed High Street

Mug Artwotk 2_edited.jpg

Church Service

LEE VE75 would only be happening because of the great work & support from the following local businesses and associations who have provided the necessary funding, time and effort for the organisation, planning and delivery of the event. 

Supported by

Event Partners

Event Sponsors



c/o Lee Residents Association (LRA)


24 Montserrat Road

Lee on the Solent

PO13 9LT


For more information about the event, feel free to contact us on 07710 107231 or get in touch using the following form below.